Why do some people get bruises easily – and when should you go see a doctor?



We asked doctors all your curious questions about being black and blue, including the best ways to heal faster. (Hint: Skip that hard-boiled egg method for the first two days.)

ou don’t remember bumping into any furniture and you certainly haven’t gone for cupping therapy or injections lately. But there it is: A purplish-blue patch on your arm or leg that has seemingly come out of nowhere. Should you be worried about that bruise? 

Bruises are basically what happens when blood vessels burst just underneath one’s skin, which consists of three layers.



While the outermost layer (epidermis) isn’t as easily damaged, the other two (dermis and subcutaneous tissues) are, explained Dr Adeline Yong, an associate consultant with National University Hospital's Division of Dermatology.

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