Top 10 Indian Motivational Speakers Who are Influencing Millions


1. Sandeep Maheshwari Sandeep Maheshwari is the most famous motivational speaker in India. He has influenced millions of people worldwide through his YouTube channel. He started his career with modeling and today he is a successful entrepreneur. He created a website called ‘imagesbazaar’,.... Read More

Motivation talk that touches


Life is never the same. That’s why we all need motivation at some point in life. Fluctuation is the nature of life. We certainly need to be motivated at the time in life when we feel like we’re losing all the hopes. In such a situation, we need someone who can understand our circumstances,.... Read More


'Rebel' Star Katey Sagal and Fans Protest Show's Cancellation by ABC


Rebel is fighting back after its cancellation. Series star Katey Sagal is protesting the show's termination in an impassioned message to fans. Sagal -- who stars as Annie "Rebel" Bello in the ABC series, inspired by the life and work of Erin Brockovich -- took to Instagram.... Read More


Anna Paquin Declares She's a "Proud Bisexual" After Haters Responded to Her Recent Posts With "Bigotry"


Anna Paquin took to social media on May 18 to discuss her sexuality and condemn those "who put their bigotry on display in the comment sections of my recent posts." By RYAN GAJEWSKI 19 MAY, 2021 5:54 AMTAGS Anna Paquin is making it clear that she's proud of who.... Read More